Na Young An is a home wrecker. My thirty-four (34) year marriage ended because this affair damaged the relationship between me and my husband beyond repair. Na Young An is a 35+ year old college student here in America on a visa. I mention this because in the beginning it was my husband’s offer to help her get a green card (I can’t imagine exactly how he planned to assist her with this) and her promise to award my husband a business contract with her family’s business that the two started communication. At least that was the explanation my husband gave me when I found his cell phone bill showing calls in and out to her phones (her family business, personal and home). He convinced me that the calls were just a result of him trying to get a contract to start his own business (a business that never materialized). I believed him. || Fast forward five years. My husband announced to me that his medications (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc) caused him to become impotent (which he later admitted was a lie). I believed him and was willing to work with him through this. I started to notice that he was spending more and more time away from home and would become annoyed when I confronted him. And then I read his emails. I didn’t feel guilty. Something was wrong and I needed to know what. || I sat there and read five years of emails between the two of them – spelling out how they arranged meetings in parking lots, purchasing and using extra cell phones to avoid being discovered by me or her family who would have forbid the affair, their rendezvous at her home when her parents were away. There were explicit emails about the sex and how his tongue needed to stay nourished with her bodily organic compound nutrients. They even had jokes about me — the OLD ass boring wife. || I didn’t think things could get any worse, but once his affair was out in the open, he hid nothing. He openly compared me to her, our home became a war zone with lot of name calling, belittling, and degrading me. His days off from work were openly spent with her. Our bank account showed them eating out as well as expenses for other entertainment. He left for work one Monday morning and did not return for eight days. During his absence, I discovered that the two of them were on vacation together in New York. Yes, I took a lot because the courts had placed two of our grandchildren with us to raise, plus I was unemployed. I decided to stay put and collect evidence. Two months later I filed for divorce and kicked his ass out. || Telling my story is not an effort to make myself out to be a victim. My wish is to see my -this man pay big for his indiscretion. And Na Young An has no morals. She knew for five years that she was f**kinf a married man and didn’t give a damn.