I was hired by Naftali Inc. and was promised I was going to make well over one hundred thousand per year and that I would get a contract emailed to me. I was told I would have training for 3-4 days. Well I had 1 day of training and the manager advised I didn’t need any further training because I caught only after a few hours. I was promised a salary plus commission and a $ 500.00 fuel allowance and that I would also have health insurance and all of the info. would be emailed to me. Stupid me turned down several other jobs and stopped doing interviews thinking I was going to be happy. I hit the ground running selling travel products to Walgreens Drug Stores in the Central Fl. area I did great I sold two stores in the first couple of days. I was a little worried because I still had not received the emails with my contract, health ins. info. and the emails they did send me were not readable but if my manager sent me something I could read it no problem. I asked on several occasions about my contract etc. and I was told oh I didn’t get a chance to send to you yet although I did find out after 2 weeks of work I was hired as a sub-contractor and I would not have health ins. and that even though I was suppose to get paid on the first and the fifteenth of the month they never seemed to want to pay me. My first check was six days late and $ 200.00 short and t took me another 2 1/2 weeks to get a new paycheck and the back pay. Then I was threatened that the owner didn’t think he was making enough money off of my work and my manager stated by the way you only get paid 5% of your sales. I could not believe what I was hearing being the most expensive product I sold was only $ 10.00 and I told the manager I wouldn’t have ever accepted this job if he would have told me this at the beginning. I still continued to work even driving over 250 miles in one day. Bottom line they callled me 3 days after I was to be paid and told me nope no salary now you get 15% of your sales and gas and that is it. After being told for 5 days that they mailed me my check of course they had not sent my check and did not want to pay me. I think this is a scam that this company pulls on people but they have crossed the wrong single mother of two. I did speak with the owner of the company and he threatened me and I advised I would call all of the district managers for Waalgreens and tell them what they did to me. I did get a check that was short as usual and now I have no job but they have all of the customers that I worked to get and a long list of managers of Walgreens and phone numbers etc.. I dont want anybody to have to go through what I have been through with this scam of a so called company! They have left me hanging on to my home and after putting all the miles on my car I need work done that I wouldn’t have needed if I didn’t put a ton of miles on my car and that they pretty much got for free. This is not an American company they may be based here but all of the products are made in China and they are made cheap trust me I opened a travel lock I have and it broke in my hands so I know now I was also selling junk to my fellow Americans and that I am sorry for. I am a great sales rep. but I will only sell products I think are good products and these are garbage. I hope this company cant scam another innocent person again !!! I hope I am the last. I will bounce back somehow!!

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