Complaint: The story of Jahhi McMath is well known. This 13 year old obese girl died after a very complicated surgery in Oakland California in December of 2013. She was brain dead. Well, she IS dead. The cororner has issued a death certificate. Legally and for all intents and purposes, Jahi McMath is dead. The family decided a handful of doctors had no idea what they were talking about and decided instead of a funeral, they would take Jahi’s body to New Jersey, where the law says you can hook a body up to life support to keep the heart beating due to religious beliefs. Then, they started asking for money. They also allowed the public to confuse brain death with coma and dupe many, many people into donating thousands and thousands of dollars. To this date, there is over $60,000 in that gofindme account. Jahi’s mother was caught early on, posting photos of Jahi on the internet, capturing close up’s of decomposition. Pitted black dents in the fingers are clearly seen. Other pictures show blackened toes as well. The mother, Winkfield also uploaded photos of her and family/friends at expensive dinners and showing off new designer purchases and laughing and cussing it up online, unaware that the public was reading and making copies of the sickening photos of poor Jahi. All these purchases and the photos of them were uploaded during the time the gofindme money was rolling in. The photos, posts and story fromm the beginning can be found here: I decided to do this report after seeing a petition this weekend where someone FINALLY is getting signatures together to shut down and stop this woman for taking any more money from kind but vulnerable people. I do agree with this petition and those who have signed it already. IT MUST STOP. Pretending Jahi is alive is a horrible, awful thing to do to the public and is morally wrong and corrupt. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THIS WOMAN OR FAMILY. Jahi McMath was a little girl, taken advantage of by her family and unfortunate circumstances. NO MORE. Please join the other who have signed the petition (s) and start one yourself and get as many signatures as you can. As soon as I saw the petition for the first time this weekend, I was beside myself with joy for the first time in all of this nonsense. Maybe….just maybe, these people will stop committing fraud if enough of the public let them know that we no longer accept anything from them anymore. Except for one thing… Bury your daughter.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA