Purchased a pool from NAMCO in April 2010. One occasion, the liner split and they refused to replace it. Now on August 24, 2014 the pool split and collapsed, taking a wall out of my garage and is posing a danger. The customer service number from NAMCO gave me a site to email, Asahi Parts and could not help me any further. I find it funny that this Asahi does not even have a telephone number. The pool is still collapsed in my yard and I have no clue as to how to remove it because it poses a danger to the young ones or do I need to leave it forever until someone answers the email? In my email I enclosed a picture of my collapsed pool, asked for an immediate response and left my phone number, and also asked if I need to contact a lawyer. While I was searching for answers on the internet I came upon many complaints and seen that many of NAMCO’s stores have shut down, including the one I purchased the pool from, how convenient. I expect a refund of some sort for the pool since I have 20 year warranty on this piece of junk I was led to believe I was getting an excellent pool. I only thank god that the 2 and 3 year old were not in it at the time of the collapse otherwise I dont even want to think about what would have happened. I am hoping for a fast response but I wont hold my breath from what I’ve been reading. If I should hear something soon, I will be sure to post that perhaps what I learn or hear from them may help others in the same situation. PS NAMCO’s pool chemicals sucked. The last purchases were from Leslies which kept my pool clean and clear along with a guarantee. I give NAMCO a thumbs down!

Branchbrook, New Jersey USA



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