So when I met my now husband he was with this lady. We would chat now and again but just as friends as we were both in relationships at the time. He was always very respectful and talked about his girlfriend like she was some goddess! And was supposedly pregnant with his first child. About 3 months later i got out of my abusive relationship of 3 years and come to find out this cunt had left him for another man.(the real father of her unborn child) We started hanging out going to partys and what not together. A few months later he asked me to marry him. I said no of course because we had only known one another a short time but told him we could date and see how it went. A year later I was pregnant. We got married,and just as life was going good shes pops up in his inbox on Facebook. He blocked her. But judging by her message she was telling him thr baby she had had over a year ago was his. So i told him if the baby was his he needed to step up and be a daddy. Me and her started talking amd she swore the little girl was his. I told her he wanted a DNA test. She agreed. Never showed up 3 days later to do the dna test. Her excuse was she wasn’t ready. Then the bitch starts telling us how sick her daughter is and how she cant afford the hospital bills alone,blah blahblah. My HUSBAND was only with her for 4 months. And he said if shed do the DNA test and the baby was his he would gladly help with bills,childsupport,etc. She refused. So we did to. She then started sending threatening messages stating she was going to make our lives hell etc! So me being the investigator i am i found her boyfriend on Facebook and told my husband to message him. He did and turns out her boyfriend had no idea that she was doing all these things. He had already gotten a DNA test when the child was born to be sure she was his??. So needless to say she is a money hungry whore who will say and make up whatever she has to such as (her daughter having cancer) to get a little cash! Smh! Not to mention she has 5 kids total and another on the way but only has 2 of them. The other 3 are with thier fathers who all have custody of them. ? talk about a unfit mother! Beware of this fat ass money hungry whore! All she does is breed to try and collect government assistance,and child support. Untill the father takes her to court and takes his child smh! Expose her nasty 300 pound ass!