Complaint: Vista Bay treatment center is a desperate family’s worst nightmare. We were desperate to get help for our loved one who was willing to get treatment. I contacted a treatment help line and was kindly helped by a woman name Desiree’. Only later did I find out that she is a Narconon emploee, of course. I was put in contact with Mike DiPalma at Vista Bay. He was very understanding and made many phone calls expressing concern for our loved one. He pushed the importance of acting quickly and dealing with the money later. He answers all of your questions calmly and ensures you that this is the perfect place for your loved one. He stresses that it is a non-profit facility, and they are have your best interest at heart. Out of our pure desperation we had our loved one on a plane in 24 hours. The driver picked him up and called to notify our family that he was safe. They informed us that there would be no family contact for the first ten days. This is a major red flag! They call the family multiple times a day, assuring the family that their loved one is doing well. We received a phone call, from one of the “councilors”” that our loved one had left the facility. I was shocked because they went willingly and asked for help. They started in on what sounded like a scripted speech

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: stating that are loved one would tell us that Vista Bay was a Scientology cult. She said that they were not religious in any way

Website: our loved one told us that he was forced to sign paper work that agreed to a no refund policy. There was never a Dr. present at any time in the facility. All belongings were removed and there was no outside contact of any kind. The patients were subjected to 7 hours a day of reading from the book Alice And wonderland

Phone: and that the program was based on a few principals that were started by L Ron Hubbard