12/05/2006 I ordered a Jeff Gordon jacket for my son and a Jimmy Johnson Jacket for my daughter. My sons jacket had no problem but my daughters jacket was a different story. Whe I ordered the jacket the website said that the item was in stock so I ordered it. n1 day later I get an email stating that the item was on backorder and that the item would not get here until after christmas. I asked the rep why it said the item was in stock and he toldme that the server did not update the quantity after every sale and that the jacket ran out. nI asked to speak to a manager. I manager got on the phone (Marie) and I explaned my problem to her. We got to an agreement that they had a jacket 2 sizes larger that she could send me overnight with her waiving the overnight shipping charges and giving me a 10% discount. I agreed! nI got the item in 3 days which was great. that was not the end. I got the charge to hit my credit card and it was for the full charge. 101.00 not the 68.00 that we agreed upon. I called the customer service back and and told the rep my problem. The rep entered a ticket for the 38.00 to be refunded to my account (12/15/2006). nWell here it is January 2nd and still no refund I try to call but the hold time is so long 1 hour or more that i have to go to work before I can get anyone on the phone. I checked them out on the Better Business Buruea website and it said that if you have a problem with this company to seak legal advise. nSo if you dont trust me on this complaint then please look at the better business buruea file for yourself. I urge you to! Please dont get shafter like I did. I am probably going to have the full charge disputed with my credit card company and have them CALL ME! Thank you for reading this nad I hope this saves someone a headache. nDavidnHorn Lake, MississippiU.S.A.

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