This woman continued a relationship with my husband for 2 years. They were co-workers at Microsoft. They would meet in her Honda minivan to have sex at lunch. Her husband confirmed to me that they went to a hotel for the day twice. His only concern was that she didn’t pay for the room. I confronted her twice, but she continued to pursue my husband via email, text, Skype, etc… He tried to break off with her by changing jobs, switching buildings, but she followed him to work one day begging to know why he was no longer interested. She just couldn’t understand he’d rather mend things with his wife and 3 kids. She has a husband and 2 sons of her own! I know it’s a 50/50 participation thing and they are both to blame, but since their breakup, she has posted photos of herself with captions like “people are telling me how pretty I am. I never saw it in myself before…” It’ll happen again, but with someone else’s husband next time. Watch out for her. Her selfishness and conceit is unbelievable.