Complaint: A man called me from an unidentified number. He had a middle eastern accent and said that he was from the Nation Grant Dep. and wanted to award me with $6,000. He asked me to verify all my information and told me that his name was Frank Smith, that his ID# was 99632, that his managers name was Nick Richards (who I would be calling at 206 201 2309 after this call to obtain the grant) and that my application # was GFC33205. At first I believed him because he had all my information correct and was very adamant in my writing down all of his information. Furthermore, I asked him why the government would be giving me this money and he stated that the government did a raffle every year with the names of citizens who paid taxes, had a clean record, were in college, and were applying for good majors. I was familiar with the idea of the state giving college money for studying in college so this did not seem so far fetched. However, after this, things got weird. He told me that the government would transfer the money to my bank account. Now, the government never transfers money, it SENDS CHECKS!! But I wanted to see how far he went with this so I said okay, what did he need? He needed me to have a VISA or MasterCard and he needed all the information about the card and my account. I asked him why he couldnt just send me a check. He said it was because checks had gotten lost before and this was the most efficient way. I told him I would talk to his manager and give the information to him. The manager is the same god d**n man! He has the same accent and speaks the same way. There is no way this is legit. Do not fall for it, they would have probably sucked my account dry.

Tags: Government Services

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Phone: 2062012309