I had signed up with National Home gardening Club as it appeared they were reputable. I cancelled my membership with them after the first package, paying all required expenses. I have been harassed with multiple letters says they are billing me for items that I did not receive (perennials). I have replied with each invioce that I did not received such items, I had already cancelled membership and to cease sending me false bills. I am continuing to receive these “bills”” despite threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau. I do not understand why they have the BBB approval logo listed on their web site. The latest invoice states: “”you have failed to respond to prior notifications”” = a Lie. I have tried to call them but their phone always has the busy signal. This is fraudulent action but I fear they will send this to a collection agency and I have no recourse other than to pay the bill ($29.98) for items I did not receive. nTheir billing address is different than the Club: NGC PO Box 3528


MN 55343-3528″

12301 Whitewater Drive Minnetonka, Minnesota United States of America