I joined the Home Gardening Club and they took my money and told me i would be able to try and keep products and after paying them $12. they sent me a few cheap products then i wrote reviews about the products, which that was fine but then another $200. and they were supposed to send me bigger and better products but they never did and i wrote to them yet i never heard from them and now there site is totally different, they also added another company to top of website called Scout that is all about sports and no one is answering me at all, i can not reach the gardening club site at all, so i need your hlep to get my money back from them since they scammed me and made a fool out of me, and to think i bragged to friends about this company, i can not beleive this embarrasement they have put me through and scamming ,me on top of it all. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting my money back and making them stop scamming other’s like me, thank you kindly and have a wonderful day, also i will await your reply. Sincerley

Internet USA