Complaint: From 1997-2004, my military wages were garnished for student loans. From 1988 to present, I have yet to recieve any documents addressing my concerns about the loans. When the loan was paid in full, I sent and phoned requests for documentation to verify that the loan was paid off. I never got the letter, nor did I hear from them, but my income taxes were no longer offset. This would make a reasonable person believe that this issue is over right?? Wrong, 4 years later while stationed in S. Korea, I received a letter dated 31 May, 2008 from?? You guessed it! The US Department of Education, Nation Payment Center!! I thought this was a mistake, so I called, John answered the phone. He stated that the loan was not paid and I still owed $5,793.28, plus interest of $2,037.94. I told him this was paid off thru garnishment. He told me that I have to prove it, because there is no record of it. After a few choice words I ended up hanging up the phone. I decided to call back this time Megan, she told me that the loan was paid but I was being charged interest while the loan was being garnished. I demanded they send me that in writing and to speak to a supervisor, she stated that I had to call the complaint center for that, I called the complaint center, to explain, the woman told me disputing the loan does not qualify as a complaint. Jan 09, wrote requesting documentation, the next month I received a collection letter from a company called ONWEST, they were collectiing for US DEPT OF ED, Adding Fees & costs, the balance was now $10,180.37.In Feb 09, I spoke with a lawyer from the military law office, Because of the US DEPT OF ED title he was very convinced that I was wrong and they were right. He called them, They refused to give him any information. However, weeks later I received a collection letter dated 27 Apr 09, it was from PIONEER CRDIT RECOVERY INC. They were collecting the loan for?? YEP!! The US Dept. Of ED, the balance was now $10,332.99. I filed my income taxes that month, 15 days later I received a letter from, the DEPT OF THE TREASURY, stating they sent my refund to?? You know who. So The next month The DEPT OF ED sent me?? a collection letter, I guess since the tax offset worked, they didnt need the other false companies. How can this be?? I cant fight the IRS?? So, I was restationed at Fort Bragg, NC. I contacted these crooks again, to update my address and request documentation about the loan. I got it! It was a speadsheet, showing interest building on my student loan as it was being garnished. However, not one think in writing about the speadsheet, or explaining why I owe. So in Dec 09, I filed a complaint online with the FTC. What happened?? the pattern continues, in Feb 10, I received a letter from CBE GROUP, another collection agency for ?? US DEPT OF ED!! I’ve served in the US Army for 22 years, Because of injuries, I have to retire soon. How am I supposed to take time to enjoy life after the military, when predator, is waiting to take my Federal Taxes, and maybe my retirement pay, just because they can?? This doesnt make sense to me how myself and the others reporting on this scam and abuse of power, and no one is trying to help us?? How can they be allowed to use the name US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. This is shameful, This company has a F rating by the BBB. Still we are left alone to deal with the threat of being robbed. I have so much stress over this. Can anyone please assit me in standing up to these Criminals?? The Army has prepared me for battle and to stand up for whats right. Is there anyone that will stand with me and the other victims.

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Address: PO Box 5609 Greenville, Texas United States of America


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