researched pool online inc specs, docs and installation video. indicates that a standard or wide mouth skimrmer can be used. came cut for widemouth. I bought this pool after reading the installation manual and online video. it indicated that it has perforated holes so you could cut out and use either a standard skimmer or widemouth skimmer. I have a perfectly good standard skimmer and was planning on using this skimmer with the new pool. delivered today, 6/8/16 and found out it is already cut for a widemouth skimmer. I now have to buy a new skimmer. customer service blew us off and blamed us as to when we ordered the pool, the widemouth skimmer is added to the package by default, and we did not order it as an option. they said the new pools are all cut now with widemouth from the manufacturer. not their fault.

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