Complaint: I took out a 3rd party insurance policy(Smart Choice2000) on a custom van that I purchased summer of ’02. BEFORE purchasing this policy I did a search of the company to see if there had been any claims against the parent company. I looked on “Ripoff Scams”” and found no entries. I thought I was in good shape. The policy cost me $1

Tags: Auto Warranty

Address: 000 for a 60 month/ 100

Website: KentuckyU.S.A.”

Phone: 000 mile policy. All was good until this June when my alternator went out while I was traveling. We called the 800- number and was told to take it to PEP BOYS to be fixed. I said NO WAY.( do a search on the complaints at PEP BOYS and you will know why I said this) We took the van to a FORD dealer and was told they could fix the van but the insurance company had gone past due on a payment to the plan administrator. that’s when I knew I was in trouble. Several calls later to National Warrenty home office ( don’t bother with the 800 number