Consumer Fraud against my 72 year old mother


My Complaint: National Credit Systems tried to scam my 72 year old step mother out of $1829.00.
My mother was attempting to settle a collection for a over-due debt. National Credit systems(Ms. Brown) who refused to give my mother her first name or employee ID#, negotiated with my mother and lowered the whole amount based on paying the decreased amount in full. However, they refused to put it in writing. They were trying to get my mother to send them her whole disability check. They told her that she would have to send in her money first before they could write her a letter stating “said amount would satisfy her debt in full”. I feel that this collection agency was trying to commit fraud against my mother. My mother told them she was going to notify the consumer fraud. They told my mother that “she could call whoever she want I don’t care, what are they going to do?”.


My Demand: Request a letter in writing the negotiable terms and amount. The amount will satisfy the debt in full and remove debt from credit report