Scamming the disabled and elderly


My Complaint: I have already reported these ppl once before to you about scamming elderly ppl on disability they call me up and ask me do I still have my MasterCard I said yes well they said they need $742.00 and then some to pay off my magazine subscription I told them like 6 times to stop calling and harassing me and please cancel Amy furture subscriptions the guy said it’s not possible to cancel and he’s turning me into the collection agency .i need my credit in good standing how can a company call me every day 5 -6 times daily threatening a disabled person.i be had to cancel my card to keep them from taking my money and now they are ruining my credit isn’t there a law against this. They promised diamond watch and $100 gift card I never received they’re scamming the elderly and disabled for our Monthly benfits


My Demand: For the company to cancel my subscription that called me today trying to get money from me