Two sales people came to my door; a girl and a guy. They asked me to buy magazines for a children’s hospital of my choice. I paid $59 for a 12-month subscription, against my better judgment, but whatever, it was supposed to go to kids. However, my neighbor then texted me and said they knocked on his door and told him I had told them my neighbor was cool and that I said he would give them some money, which I had not said. At the same time, I was looking up the company online and found an F rating from the BBB. I decided to go get my check back. I approached the girl a couple of houses down and explained I was not comfortable with giving her money based on their online rating and the fact that there’s apparently no way to verify that the subscriptions are actually going to the recipients at these hospitals. She refused to give my check back and said she could not legally do it because I had signed a contract when I signed the receipt, and giving me the check back would be breaking the law. When I told her there was no way either of us would be put in handcuffs for her giving back the check I had given her 10 minutes earlier, she reiterated that legally she was not allowed to give me back my check. I called the sheriff’s department and they said a deputy was on the way. After her partner finished up the sale he was on while I was talking through all this with her, they started walking back up the street. I told them the sheriff’s department had said they needed to wait, and the girl said they were late for something and I was free to copy down their license plate and give it to authorities. The deputy pulled up right as they were getting in the van. After the girl told her side to the deputy and I told my side, the deputy ordered her to give me my check. He then proceeded to ask if they had a paper permitting them to solicit in the county, which they did not have. He then ran the girl’s ID (her partner had ‘lost his’ and they deputy had to do some more work to ID him). He gave them a warning and told them to kick rocks. A check online later also revealed this girl had been selling since 2011. She said she was doing post-high school work to win a trip to Italy before college. She’s been doing this three years. She also initially told me she didn’t drive to the neighborhood and had walked … but they were leaving in a minivan.

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