Well i found that i could recue these english puppies online so i checked it out and the people got back to me and asked me some questions and i responded and they then got back with me and said that with the info. i reported that i was a good fit to get the puppies. they told me to let them know when i was ready and that they would set it up with the airport to get them shipped to me. Well i did then the airport called me and said everything was ready that all i needed to do was have the $300.00 wired to them so they could have the pups to me today. WHICH WAS LAST FRIDAY 11/19/2010. well till today now the airport is saying that they had to get the pups checked by a vet and they were charged $180.00 for the services that i had to pay and they never told me about it until they had the vet do it and charged them. Well that was disgussed and now the airport is telling that they cant ship the pups until i wire them another $180.00 for the vet check and another $600.00 for some life insurance for the pups which they said that i would be refunded the $600.00 when i pick the pups up from the airport. Which they wont tell me who is going to refund me the money back. Then i told them that i was going to get a lawyer and the guy told me on 11/26/2010 that he would pay $320 out of his pocket if i can come up with the other $460.00. Well on 11/28/2010 they and the sender told me that the sender would cover half of the $780.00 which is $390.00 and so im trying to get ahold of the guy that said he would cover $320.00 of it and if he does cover the $320.00 and the sender covers the other $390.00 that means that i would only have to cover the last $70.00 but they havn’t got back with me. So im scared to wire anymore money to these people because everything that they have said isn’t happening and they want want want more money!!!!!!!!!

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