I am going to spare the reader the narrative version of this complaint. I am using bullets because they are easier to read. I am not including the volume of details and documentation associated with the complaint because I do not want to provide Mr. Stuart advance discovery on the legal complaint headed his way. Experience was reasonable from contract signature through project start. There was nothing for them to do but collect my deposit and spit out some drawings. Promised 45 days for construction by salesman. Site Manager-Brian Messler-says 9 weeks on his initial meeting with us. I figure three months. Construction begins 2/22/13. Nationwide did not warn us when they were starting. Never returned a phone call. Returned very few e-mails. Communication is almost non-existent. Never cleaned up the site ONCE. Construction debris left scattered on the site. Lunch material, soda cans, various trash all thrown in the pool or on the side of my home. I have to personally clean the site and haul off the debris. Lumber, PVC pipe and pallets all piled up on the side of my house Never successfully invoiced for payment. Nationwide could not produce an invoice for payment. Site manger quits the day after picking up my third draw payment. He lasted less than 2 months with the company. Tells me he is quitiing because they donu2019t pay their subcontractors or suppliers. Nationwide never returned to the job site after picking up that payment. Nationwide never returned a single call or email after receiving the last draw payment. Nationwide closed their office in Tampa (reportedly in the middle of the night). We went to the office-no sign of anyone. Nationwide failed to make payment for ANY of the materials used from their supplier. A lien for those materials was placed on my home. The supplier has filed suit for failure to pay their supply account. In summary-the mode of operations for this company is to take all your money they can get under their aggressive and unreasonable contract-then abandon the project and never return. Search for yourself and see how many times this has happened all over Florida. They have decided to cancel my contract and permit because I attempted to complete my pool-with the explicit knowledge of their project coordinator and they abandoned the project. Please do your research and avoid this company and its owner like the scourge they are! Links to some stories on the subject: www.wfla.com/story/22110688/family-has-trouble-getting-pool-finished www.cbs12.com ews/top-stories/stories/vid_7486.shtml m.local10.com/company-blamed-for-leaving-pool-unfinished/-/16717668/20010212/-/pdk8c4/-/index.html articles.sun-sentinel.com/2013-05-10/business/fl-nationwide-pools-20130510_1_pool-tiles-florida-swimming-pool-association-completed-pool

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