The company NationWide Pre-Foreclosure Corporation is formerly known as Sunbelt Fidelity Corp. I found this company via a website while looking for assistance to modify my home loan after several failed attempts the bank I currently have my loan with. Unbeknownst to me I did not realize that it is fraudulent to have to pay for services for assistance up front. I paid out over $3500 to this company. As the months went on, I also found that I would have to follow up several times and ask the same questions over and over. It also appeared the admin person was also the loan processor however, ustilized two different names. When I questioned this they told me that they sounded alike. I became concerned when the company abruptly changed names. I could not locate this new complany now NationWide Pre -Foreclosure at first online. I requested the information several times and finally was provided an answer. It became apparent in June when it was requested of me to go directly to Bank of America to make my next deposit that this company was not what it stated it was. In fact, after research, I found that Janice Montoya was running other scams like this one and has changed the names of her complany several times. This company did not assist me in modifying my mortgage. They just took my money.

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