My husband had been going to Natural Health for several years and felt I should see Dr. Singley to have a simple blood test to check my vitamins. | She sent in blood work electronically – which means I never got to see the tests in advance – for two tests that are considered experimantal, so my insurance would not pay for them. I checked the tests out and indeed they are considered experimental and certainly not appropriate for my diagnosis. | I contacted Dr. Singley and she said she would take care of it but she never did, and as a result I received a bill for $328.85. | I contacted her again several times, even going to her office, but she wouldn’t see me and never answered me from that day forward so I sued her in Small Claims Court. | I started the case on 9/26/16. She postponed the answer date to the court four times, postponed the court appearance once, and the judge had finally had enough when she didn’t show up for the final judgment on January 27, 2017. | I won the case and was awarded the $328.85 plus expenses, and the judge gave her until Februay 24, 2017 to pay. It is now March 6, and I have not been paid nor contacted by her. | I have since found that some Naturopaths will trump up symptons “verified” by blood tests so they can sell their products. Whether that is the case here or not I do not know, but certainly Dr. Singley did not act responsibly and correct the problem she caused.


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