I received a complimentary skin treatment at Natural Wonder Spa where a Eneo Avologi Advance light was used in conjuction with skin care products. I was offered a “once in a lifetime” deal on the device to purchase at that time with several products added to the package to “sweeten” the deal. I asked more than once about the safety profile of the product. What are the risks? | I was told more than once that it was totally safe and had been tested by NASA and others. I asked for written information about research done. I was provided with a very nice magazine that had some studies listed – mainly a marketing tool. There was a lifetime warranty on the light and I was provided with information on how to have it replaced if needed. | There is a regimine to follow when using the device so I asked for specific instructions and told the ladies I would be leaving on vacation early the next morning and would start when I got home the next week. I plugged the device in as I was instructed and left on vacation. There was an instruction manual included inside the packaging of the device that I took with me to learn more about what to expect from this process. To my disappointment, I found the follow words: “Do not use if you have had skin cancer.” I have been treated for skin cancer on my face near my nose. I had to have a skin graft in that area. | I will not be using the Eneo for obvious reasons. As soon as I landed I notified Natural Wonder that I needed to return the device. I was told that the Skin Specialist Manager would take care of it. The morning after I returned to AZ, I collected the device in the original packaging (I did not even turn it on) – and the unopened products and returned to Natural Wonder. They inspected the items, put them back in the bags and told me I would need to call customer service the following day after 10 AM. They told me that all sales were final and that they don’t issue refunds there but that if I call customer service they would “expidite” the process. | When I called customer service I was told that all sales are final and that I should have known that since I had made a purchase in the store once before. They also said that they have information that says their light is “good for skin cancer” and she offered to send me the information – it was after all from NASA. I told her that I would not be using a device for something that the manufacturer specifically says it should not be used for. | She told me to send an email detailing my situation and a picture of the receipt and she would submit it. It would take 12-14 business days to get an answer as to “if” there would be a refund processed. I asked to speak to the person making that decision. She said she did not know who would make the decision. I pushed to find out what the process was and who exactly would be making the decision. There seemed to be some reluctance to give me that information. I reminded her of the position the company is in promoting this against the manufacturers warning, but she did not seem to be concerned. | I know this complaint is being filed early in the process. It has not yet been 12-14 days. However – there is clear promotion of this device against the manufacturers warning. The cost is significant and I am unable to use the device. I want to get the word out for people to be aware of this and to get the refund processed.


  • Name: Natural Wonder Spa
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Chandler
  • Address: 3111 West Chandler Blvd.
  • Phone: 602-492-6101
  • Website: