Nazir Bahram Piravogi aka Bahram Piravogi wrote over 8 rent cheques in a year that bounced. I stupidly waived the criminal report that would have shown that he was charged with numerous counts of real estate fraud. He was also charged with holding a woman at gunpoint and forcing her to withdraw money from her ATM machine. These charges were dropped as the woman was scared to proceed. nI also learned that he in fact lied on his application form. I received judgement from the landlord and tenant board for Bahram to pay me back the 4 or 5 months’ rent that he owed. I then had to take him to civil court where he was to provide all financial information or potentially be held in contempt. He came with nothing, and as the judge sees hundreds of losers per day, proceeded to tell me that “we can’t help you. This man has no money”” and actually believed Bahram when he said he had no job

no money and was about to lose possession of his vehicle. Bahram is a liar on all counts. In fact

he owes a past employer over $20

000 who lent him money – Bahram screwed him over as well. nBahram was told to pay me everything he owes and get out of the property by a law enforcement officer or he would be charged with misrepresentation or other charges. Bahram promised to pay me back and did in fact pay back some if it – and did move out of my property but then reneged on paying the final $2700. He has never fulfilled his obligation. nThe property’s basement wall to wall rug was destroyed and chewed up by his dog

and he never fixed it although he promised he would. He left some belongings