I met nbs auto showroom’s bryan shisler in 2016. He is a great salesman or fraud depends on how you want to look at it. He convinced us to consign our Chevy Duramax and let me tell you that was the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life. | NBS auto showroom specifically bryan shisler promised the world for me not only did they not come through they probably stole just over 10,000.00 dollars right from underneath me. I should have been more cautious on their business practices. I mean who charges a monthly service to keep the car in the showroom? | Stupid of me not to realize there is no incentive in them selling the car quickly if they are getting paid monthly for you to keep your car there!!!!!! Anyways after about a year I get a call that they sold the car, I told them I should have gotten a call to confirm price, they said it was too late! I had the car listed at 45,000.00 when they called me they said they sold it for 29,000!!!!!!! without my permission!!!!! | nbs auto showrooms bryan shisler avoided my calls for nearly a month. My only purpose of writing this complalin is to make sure others avoid this Scammer. I’ll take my loss on the chin but hopefully I help someone else avoid this shady company nbs auto showroom and Bryan Shisler. That’s his information just in case anyone is wondering. www.nbsautoshowroom.com/


  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Milpitas
  • Address: 1053 Sinclair Frontage
  • Phone: (408) 981-2666
  • Website: www.nbsautoshowroom.com/