Neat rewards offers you $600 in GIFT card basket) that were suppose to be mailed to my home in 4-6 weeks if I tried Max savings club and Coupon travel shop. I tried both services and found that they have so many rules that you can never get a discount. The gas voucher discount is unabtainable because they have so many rules that you can never qualify. Needless to say the service of both clubs is a ripoff. I cancelled within my time limit and thought at least I would receive the GIFT card basket to cover all the time I spent for nothing. After months went by I called Neat Rewards who offered the gift basket and was told I would receive a email stating how to get my GIFT card basket. Well that email never arrived so I called again. This time I was told to visit and follow the link to get my GIFT card basket. I logged onto the site an found that there is no link to get your GIFT card basket so I called back and at this time I was told that there is no gift cards and nothing would be mailed to my home. I was also told that they only offer a Walmart gift certficate that is redeemable after I have completed all their required steps and spent over $100 at Walmart. nIs this just another way Walamrt is trying to get customers into thier stores. I was never told I had to spend money to get this so called $600 GIFt card basket. I was also not told the GIFT card basket was virtual. I am livid…how do these companies and Walmart get away with the fraud that they are committing. I think we should band together and sue this company and Walmart in a class action suit. Its time that the public stood up when we get screwed and fight back. These companies need to be put out oif business and all money funded.

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