This guy Nedelko Corria doesn’t know how to take rejection like a man. I’ve gone out on plenty of dates with men from online and not once have I met such a sore loser. There has been plenty of times it doesn’t work out and both parties just move on but this guy didn’t take no for answer. He latches on like a pest and doesn’t take “I’m not interested” for an answer. Get ready to change your number if you ever give it to him because he would online stalk you for as long as he can and will try to find out where you work and call your employer. He enjoys calling 50x a day and will try to sabotage you by finding out phone numbers and facebook accounts of people close to you and contacts them and spread lies. They laugh at him because nobody in the right mind would do that if you just went out with each other a couple of times and always somewhere public and never lead to anything like sex anyway. I even filed a valid active restraining order and he still contacted me 2 months later! He has some sort of Schizophrenia because basically he doesn’t move on and harasses you even after you told him you’re not interested. It’s not like I lead him on, we never were in a relationship, never had sex, and not even a kiss. So it makes it all more bizarre! I wouldn’t even be with him if he was the last man on earth! Usually, a guy would just move on after a couple of hangouts if it’s not leading anywhere…but this guy doesn’t. He gets obsessive and verbally abusive and calls and bothers on purpose so you would be bothered by it and thinks you would finally give in. He really doesn’t have any self-respect or pride in himself and it’s not my problem to fix. What a looney! stay away!