Complaint: The Fairfax County Virginia Commissioner of Accounts has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 7 wards against the Falls Church Virginia law firm of Needham, Mitnick & Pollack (NMP). This lawsuit accuses NMP of rampant over billing their helpless elderly wards by over $200,000. NMP Attorneys Helen Cohn Needham, Judith Mitnick & Susan Pollack use predatory billing practices and give inhumane treatment to their wards. They should be disbarred and put in jail. It seems the only `abuse of the elderlyu2019 laws these attorneys care about are laws which will strip elders of their rights and make them voiceless slaves of the courts so that their hard earned life savings can be legally plundered. It is virtually a license to steal! Donu2019t let this happen to you. Do not hire them for anything.

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Address: 400 S Maple Ave #210, Falls Church, Virginia USA


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