One of only 2 Clinics in Texas authorized to conduct medicals for Canadian visa. They milk it. $380 for simple procedures, no insurance accepted. Nurse couldn’t find my veins, and Im pretty sure their height measurement is defective. | Drove 4 hours to get there. | Only one person in charge of the whole process. | She only comes in 6pm to 10pm on Wed and Friday. | Apparently, its too hard for staff here to enter dates correctly. | The issue date of my passport was written in wrong format. They also seemed clueless about the new Express Entry visa. | When I noticed the error, I tried calling and emailing, no use. I called on Wednesday 6pm, the lady handout arrived. I kept calling every 10 minutes, nothing. | No one else can correct this potentially life changing typo. No one else in this clinic has an email where I can written confirmation of my attempts to do everything humanly possible to get the error corrected.


  • Name: Neighborhood Medical Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: 5917 Beltline
  • Phone: 972-726-6464
  • Website: