Not finishing job but charge my credit card without my knowledge or consent.he swiped my credit card


My Complaint: Contracted to replace roof and replace gutters.never finished roof and never started on the gutter.while his crew was on the roof they destroyed mr gutters.Neil wanted me to buy the gutters and he would supply the labor.I said no way you damage the gutters so you eat the cost.After his crew damage my gutters they left the job and have not return.THEY started the job July 8,2015 and its still not finished but Neil charged my credit card without my consent.I TOLD my bank that the charge was not signed by me or authorized.WE are disputing the charge because the job is not finished.


My Demand: FIX THE GUTTERS, INSTALL THE 4 ROOF VENTS. Dont go around charging customers card when you know the job is not finished