Complaint: I have been ripped off by Shawn Whitson and his wife Sharee Whitson. A few years ago, I was solicated via an automatic dialar for what I thought was a job. I was promised a placement in the financial services industry. The name of his company at the time was “Merchant Careers””. I was promissed leads. I ended up paying him over $1200 for training that was nothing more thar webinars for cold calling businesses from the phone book. No leads. Tried to get my money back but have not been successful. Last year another compay based in Arizona called me about a technology job. It was touting a new advertising technology and was looking for sales people. It looked inteesting until I checked out the opportunity. Found out the company was owned by Shawn Whitson and his wife Sharee. Surprise..They wanted me to purchase equipment upfront and then debit my checking account $100 every month I was in the program. And of course leads were promised again. Of course I did not sign up. The other night

Tags: Sales People

Address: my phone rang and a recorded message was soliciting me to work for a a new technology company based in Texas. They left a message to call them back. Guess Who? It was Shawn Whitson representing NETcinity. I listened to his pitch and it was just like the other business shams he was associated with. Pay upfront and ongoing money and he would guarantee financial success selling his new technology. Sorry Shawn..Not today..Watch out for this guy and his band of theives. The new company is called Trinity Proximity and on the web marketing as NETcinity.”


Phone: 1335 Shannon Road East Suite A Sulpher Springs, Texas USA