I was charged 14 months for $8.64 from Netflix. I didn’t notice the charges until recently and when disputed both Netfilx and Capital One admit the charges were bogus. I don’t even have an account nor to I ever want one from Netflix. After admiting the charges were fraud Netflix only credited I month and disputed the other 13 months stating that although the charge were fraud they will keep the money and allow Capital One, who is insured to return the money. Does this sound like Netflix should be investigated by the FBI on criminal charges? It appears that Netfix charges various credit cards, keeps the money and allows the insurance to pay dispect being aware of the fraud. How is this any different than a thief who break into my house steal something with the idea that my insurance will pay. The question below asked if I used a credit card for this transaction and No I didn’t someone else charged my account without my knowledge or concent.

www.netflix.com/ los gatos, California USA



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