Beware of Netflix, 1st they charged my credit card for the FREE 1 month trial membership, then we continued to use them and we have had 2 dvds sent back they say they have never received. Then this time I changed from using our bank card to paypal so I could keep control over what may or may not be charged. They tell me it’s only 30 minutes to 1 hour for our account to be up and running that they just have to wait for funds to be released(they had authorization on file from paypal). It’s been 2 hours and NOT only is my account NOT able to be used but customer service is RUDE AND BLAMES PAYPAL. Paypal did their part by authorizing and releasing the fund(which trust me there is PLENTY of money) but netflix refuses to do their part. This is beyond unacceptable when you try to talk to the representative they say they are waiting on paypal. When you ask if the delay is because their is no one to run the payments they say it’s all automated. If it was all automated then the payments should be processed PROMPTLY and not delayed. Not to mention Netflix transfer you without informing you they are going to transfer you or saying a word to you. I’m not at all impressed with Netflix, their policies nor customer service.

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