Never returned my call said loan was approved


My Complaint: I was told I was approved for a $10.000 loan I was told to pay $300 so I went to Walmart where I was told to send the $300 money gram I did that Shawn (representative) stayed on the phone for reference #ahain Shawn told me I needed at least $800 and I needed to send $500 desperate to get a home I agreed after I sent the$500 shawn told me money should be in my account in 10 minutes.After waiting 20 minutes I called shawn back he said a insurance company had a hold of the loan and I needed to send $750 more I demanded he put the money back on my debit card he said he couldn’t it was being held until the $750 is paid and that besides the $10.000 the $800 would be refunded and the $750 I knew then it was a scam.


My Demand: to get back my $800 I never recieved anything