They debited my card for the amount that was on it, 184.80, then would not do anything about it!!


My Complaint: My husband put money on the card on February 24th, I checked the balance on February 26th to confirm it was there which it was. When I tried to use it at an ATM on February 28th it declined the charge so I called and to my dismay, there was a negative $3 on my card so we called and found out that there were 2 debits from a blue jean store in Oakland, California on 2/28! I live and work in FT WORTH TEXAS!!! AND WAS AT MY DESK!! WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TO OAKLAND!!! Then when my husband tried to explain this to the “agent” on the phone, they said, “well we are pretty sure your wife made the purchase” !!!! We are both LIVID!!! They kept him on hold for about 20 minutes this morning, he finally had to hang up because he needed to get to work! He was able to file a claim to dispute the charges but I have a feeling we will never get resolution from this! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS CARD!!


My Demand: 190