After staying at a hotel (5 days) during a move in which I encured a bill of $487 I paid for it with a pre-paid debit card I got from ace elite-net spend. For obvious reasons we did not want to carry large amounts of cash and the cool thing about the card was that whenever it was used I got a text saying how much was left after a purchase at what business and how much the charge was. I was able to re-charge the card when I needed to when it got to low and got text about this too. A gas fillup of $12 was charged as $55, I was told this would be repaid in 7 days (1 month still waiting), I had $802 on my card when I put an additional $500 on it and when I received no text I called the company, they said I only had $827 on my card, no explanation why no text was sent and even though I have a step by step accounting of my spending due to all the texts they sent me so far of which the closest I came to $0 was $802 (they got the $500) they said the amount was correct. I have not used the card since then waiting for this to be fixed and with no more texts my balence is now -$1.46! After calling about this a recording said they would call me back due to “heavy traffic””

I’m still waiting


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