Not unlocking my iPhone in the time said


My Complaint: I paid to have my iPhone 4S unlocked this morning and they said it takes 1-6 hours to unlock it but it still hasn’t been unlocked. I’ve contacted them twice on their website and they haven’t responded. Yet they have a “24/7 super fast response team” I even went to YouTube to try to contact them, but my post had to be verified. Probably to avoid negative responses and make you think they’re legit when they’re not. They don’t unlock phones they steal money. I read on different reviews that even after 24 hours it still wasn’t working, but I didn’t think this would happen to me. Well it did and i regret paying for it 100%. I needed my phone unlocked by today because I’m leaving and not coming back till awhile. That’s what I have to say. Just think carefully before you pay.


My Demand: Complete refund