These people are Scammers. I want others to know so they do not get scammed by them. I ordered a free trial of a bottle of pills for shipping and handling of $4.95. I never received a reseipt for what I bought and the website said clearly that i would receive an email of my purchase. I waited for 4 days. I called the company the first time and was told there systems were down and that I could not cancel my order and would have to call back the nect day. | I did call back the next day and told them I never received a receipt and I pegged them as a scam outfit. So I told them I wanted my money back and to cancel any further shipments of their product. They said it takes 5 days to receive a receipt and I told them that was garbage. | I told them what their website said that I could call and cancel within the 14 days to cancel the shipments. They acknowledged that and told me i would have to return the bottle that they took the $4.95 out for cause that was just for shipping and handling and not for the free trial. I was suppose to pay $95 dollars to them to keep that bottle. I informed them that I have not received any product So I cannot return any. | They then told me that they had a tracking number of the first bottle I was suppose to get for free and they will call and cancel that. I asked them about the $4.95 I already paid for that bottle that was suppose to be free for paying the shipping and handling, and they told me that was from a third party and was out of their control and since it was for shipping and handling they are not responsible. | So I told them they are not honoring the words on their website. They just kept telling me that it was from a third party. So something is not right with the free trial website and the cancellation policy for this product. | I am planning to contact my bank about the $4.95 that they took out of my account so that I may get a refund and have them investigate it. I am expecting no further shipments or money taken out but then I do not know if that will be correct because they refused to cancel my free trial and then they told me they would so it is all too conflictive for me to determine the truth. I spoke to 3 different men from India. I was passed off to them one by one before I got disgusted and hung up when they put me on hold for the third time. | This all transpired for over an hour and by that time I was so upset I was livid. | Thank you and I am hoping that this kind of treatment to Americans can stop from these overseas scam companies.


  • Name: Neuro XR
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wyoming
  • City: Jackson
  • Address: 690 S Hwy #200
  • Phone:
  • Website: