Complaint: Dear NHP : I want to express my opinion on how bad your department is. On 10-1-2013 I had an accident on Hwy 215. A dump truck lost his driveshaft where I ran over it experiencing damage to my car. I did an accident report with office Dunbar. He said at that time “the driver says his insurance might be lapsed”” Officer tells me this with a big smile on his face. Then he tells me if I have any problems to call him at the local NHP office. I reported the accident to Progressive Insurance where the driver is supposed to be insured. A week passes and I’m told by Progressive is having problems finding a record on the drive. I provided many photo’s I took of the accident

Tags: Police

Address: driver

Website: I DID call officer Dunbar in early October and left a voice mail explaining I was have a problem

Phone: the truck