Purchased swim suit from Neve Bianca for $75.64. Order certain color, size and was told item would arrive in approximately 2 weeks. After two weeks contacted the seller to find that they had not even processed the order. Then was informed that the item would need to be made, just so happens that their manufacture is located in Bangkok, Thialand. No indication that company was located in another country. Sale person told my wife they were located in New York, NY. Of item was paid for through paypal so company received their money before we received merchandise. 6 weeks later the merchandise finally arrives, only it was the wrong color, the wrong item#, and the wrong size. So naturally my wife could not wear it. Contacted company again to express our dissatisfaction. They assure us that if we returned item, they would would refund our money. gave us an RMA#. We returned the item at our own expense to but did not receive any refund and no contact. If fact they are no longer taking calls from us. We filed a greivance with Paypal since they claim that this customer was associated with them. Paypal says they can do nothing for us because the company is out of the United States and dismissed our complaint. I have never heard of such a thing. Contact Paypal again and this time was told the because of the length between the purchase and the complaint they could not pursue any action agains Neve Bianca, not taking into consideration that Neve Bianca new the policy thus the 8+ weeks for deliver. Needless to say this company Scam practices continue with the aid of Paypal unwillingness to make an exception when dealing with other Countries who pretend to sell merchandise in the US. I highly recommend that no one use this company. No matter what they say over the phone,email, etc., Once paypal assist them in ripping you off, your money is as good as gone.

P.O. Box 1290 Bangkok, Other Thailand


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