Complaint: ATTENTION ALL VETERANS!!! Please read this review in its entirety if youu2019re a veteran interested in enrolling in New Horizons (NH) 4-month IT course! This review is unbiased and based on my experience at NH. 1) Unrealistic expectations u2013 The bottom line up front is that unless you have a solid IT background YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE ALL 8 CERTIFICATIONS IN 4 MONTHS! It is extremely hard and I need to emphasize that right away. Our class completed the 4-month course and maybe 2-3 veterans have at least ONE certification. Many veterans in my class were misguided. Nardo Perez makes it seems like you can complete the course in 4 months but that is unrealistic without a SOLID IT BACKGROUND. 2) Recruiting methods u2013 During my first meeting with Nardo Perez, he said students find employment starting at $60K-$70K with two certifications. This is completely UNREALISTIC. Our instructor emphasized that WITHOUT IT EXPERIENCE you will find a $40K IT job with ONE or TWO certifications at best. Nardo Perez said 90% of veterans are placed back into the federal workforce yet 2-3 veterans out of around 15 obtained certificates. Does that seem like 90% of veterans are ready to work? 3) G.I. Bill u2013 My fellow veterans please know the G.I. Bill usage policy. NH will use 12 MONTHS OF YOUR GI BILL in 4 months. They can explain why this is so. I just want you all the know this because at least 2 veterans in my class found this out three months into the course. Once again, they said they were misguided. It seems like NH and its staff let you down. 4) TestOut u2013 TestOut is a program that students use to prepare for their exams. During the Microsoft and Cisco portions of the course, students were basically following the instructoru2019s commands with no material to reference to. In other words, there was no u201cstudent guideu201d or course outline to follow. All in all, TestOut was used 1.5 out of the 4 months in class. 5) Instructor u2013 Luis Barreiros was our instructor for 3.5 months. He is extremely knowledgeable and has many years of IT experience. However, Luis Barreiros often divulged in topics that were not relevant to the class resulting in a disruptive learning environment. For example, a 30-minute lecture on the history of IBM or importance of saving emails. As a result, a number of veterans were not actively participating in class after 2 months. The bottom line is that Luis Barreiros needs to stay on topic like Moose and Luis Rios did. 6) Outcome u2013 Most veterans felt cheated out of their money and were completely dissatisfied with this course. Notice I said most not all. Also, a number of veterans stopped coming to school at the half way point. Based on the factors previously mentioned, you can determine why this may be so. I am writing this review as constructive criticism. I am by no means trying to deter any veterans from enrolling in this course but I AM raising awareness. The bottom line is that NH needs to maintain their expectations realistic and they did not. Therefore, I am here to CLARIFY misinformation so that my fellow veterans can make an informed decision.

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