I was also ripped off by New Image Lasik Center. nI had my surgery performed on April 2nd, 2004. I was suppose to go in for my first follow up appointment around the 9th of April; however, I received a phone call stating that the doctor was sick and would not be able to keep my appointment. This was a lie. I was later told that the doctor was never sick. The company had closed. nThey covered the cost of my first follow up through Advanced Perspectives Eye Care; however, for every thing else (that was in my contractual agreement) I am screwed. I was suppose to be covered for 4 more check-ups as well as a year of any necessary follow-up surgeries. I will receive none of these. nWhen I contacted the company to see what they planned on doing for me, I received the following: nDear Former Patient, nAs you know, New Image Lasik Center of Phoenix, LLC has closed for business. Since you have inquired about post operative care, New Image Lasik Center is referring you to Advanced Perspectives Eye Care, P.L.L.C.nat 4901 N. 44th St. Ste 102, Phoenix, AZ 85018, 602-955-2700. nAdvanced Perspectives Eye Care is a private, separate entity that has agreed to care for New Image Lasik’s former patients and will consult with you regarding post operative care, enhancements and any further surgery. nIf and when you, as a former New Image Lasik patient, choose to be seen by Advanced Perspectives Eye Care, there may be a fee attached to cover expenses. Advanced Perspective Eye Care’s fee will be based on the extent of the services requested by each specific patient. Advanced Perspective Eye Care’s independent optometrists are not obligated to provide your post operative care or future enhancements going forward and their agreement to do so will depend on their review of your vision treatment records. nWe thank all of our loyal patients and were happy to have been of service improving our patients’ vision. We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you the best of vision in the future. nNew Image Lasik Center of Phoenix, LLC nI am considering suing. nChanningnPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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