Hello, Buyer beware!!…I have just been scammed by New Leaf Naturals!!!! I stupidly ordered this product on line for my insomnia before checking them out on the Better Business Site! (FYI..they have a D rating and many same complaints as I do!).. I thought I was ordering two "free samples" to try, one of CBD oil and the other CBD capsules. The only payment was for a $6.00 shipping fee! . Right!.. No!…Last night I checked my checking account and found that they had suddenly taken a total of $179.66 out of my account unbeknownst to me! That would be $89.82 and 89.84 for each "free" bottle!!! I was so mad to think I fell for such a scam! I remember now Dr Oz used to say that he does not back any company, as they proudly proclaim! But, I seemed to have forgotten that as I ordered my free samples!I am on Social Security and I cannot afford this devastating blow to my bank account! It completely wiped out my balance, in fact, it caused me to be overdrawn!!! How can people so brazenly take your money and get away with it! I have also notified my bank and they are giving it to the Fraud Dept…I want my money back…not half…all of it!!! Such dishonesty is disgusting!..Sorry, I am mad!