I am writing you regarding our recent move to Las Vegas from Ohio. My family and I decided to move to Las Vegas so we looked to hire a local company right here in Las Vegas for the job. After getting multiple quotes because we were trying to make the right decision we contacted New Planet Moving to discuss pricing. After talking to Leslie from New Planet Moving sheexpressed she could make us a DEAL on the pricing because they had other loads in Ohio to pick up and therefore would be able to offer us a reduced price which made her pricing the middle of the road as far as pricing in comparison to the other quotes we received. I expressed to her the size of the move that was in storage and even went to the extent of having a conference call with her and the original company that hauled my furniture INTO the storage unit where they would be picking up so they could confirm the size of the load and what it would take to get my furniture to Las Vegas. Patiently we wait and wait for the call saying they were ready to pick up the furniture. When we put DEPOSIT DOWN ON THE JOB THE GAMES BEGIN! SUMMER INFORMS US THAT IF WE PAID WITH A CREDIT CARD THAT THEY HAVE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR CUSTOMERS THAT USE CREDIT CARDS ITS NOT FIGURED INTO THE PRICE THEREFORE MY PRICE WOULD GO UPALMOST $400.00. ISNT UPCHARGING A CUSTOMER FOR PAYING WITH A CREDIT CARD AGAINST THE LAW? Finally we make arrangements for the truck to be there, which meant having family in Ohio make arrangements to take the day off so they could let the movers into the storage unit. EXCUSE #1 The truck broke down and they had to move the date of pick up. Although we were anxious to have our stuff we realize things happen. Then the day they rescheduled for they showed up about 4pm after expressing how important it was to have someone there early in the morning. We knew this was going downhill quickly. They took two days loading the truck and when we expressed concern how long this was taking SUMMER THE MANGER has the nerve to say the one person we put on the move in Ohio is really slow and the move would take longer than expected After hanging up the phone I call my daughter who is in college in Ohio and was helping with the locking and unlocking of the storage units. She tells us that they are playing degrading rap music and being very rude to her and the driver of the truck says to my daughter this crew is really slow and it was going to take substantially longer than expected. BAIT AND SWITCH EXCUSE #2 AFTER THEY HAVE THE TRUCK LOADED UP THEY INFORM US THAT You have more stuff than we anticipated we are NOT going to charge you more money because we GAVE YOU A BINDING QUOTE. The driver told us you have about 400-500 Cubic Feet left, We will send the other truck to pick up the remaining items in about a week or so. AT THIS POINTWE ARE NOT ABLE TO EVEN CONSIDER ANOTHER COMPANY BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY LOADED THE TRUCK! They arrive in Las Vegas with our furniture and a motorcycle nd furniture from another pick up that they made. Now I know why my furniture was split into 2 loads! EXCUSE #3 They drop off the first load in Las Vegas and make arrangements to pick up the second load of furniture. They arrive at the storage unit in Ohio with A DIFFERENT CREW THAN THEY USED THE FIRST TIME. One of the crew that was loading the truck calls and says we have to box 3 pcs. of glass average or below in size and quotes us a price of $500.00. We have had enough at this point and I told them this is getting out of control! They said we will MAKE YOU ANOTHERDEAL! We will only charge you $300.00. At this point we have no choice but to do it AGAIN they have the truck loaded. AGAIN THEY WAIT UNTIL THE TRUCK IS LOADED AND TELL US WE ARE 4XS THE AMOUNT OF FURNITURE THAT THE FIRST CREW SAID WE HAD remaining. They now say all of the furniture is not going to fit on the truck. If we want our furniture it will be AN ADDITIONAL $2000.00 dollars. I asked SUMMER THE MANAGER how much is it per pound and how many pounds is it. It just so happens that the price per pound multiplied by the number of lbs comes out to $1800.00 When I asked her whydoesnt this math work she responds WE ARE MAKING YOU A GOOD DEAL. REMEMBER THE $500.00 BOX THEY WERE GIVING IT TO ME FOR $300.00 WOW THE EXACT AMOUNT OF THE GOOD DEAL! WAS THE DIFFERENCE THAT SUMMER THE MANAGER COULD NOT EXPLAIN TO ME!! EXCUSE#4 The driver calls again and says we cannot fit all of your furniture on the truck so what would you like to leave in Ohio? ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I STILL HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A WEIGHT RECEIPT FROM THE COMPANY AND THEY STILL DID NOT GET ALL OF MY FURNITURE ON THE 2ND TRUCK! THEY SAID THEY COULDNT SQUEEZE ALL OF IT ON THE TRUCK WITH THE OTHER LOAD THEY HAVE TO BRING TO LAS VEGAS! LIARS LIARS LIARS

Las vegas, Nevada United States of America



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