Travelling back home to Ohio from Cape Cod I paid a toll on the Garden State Parkway. Three weeks later I received a $51.50 bill for a violation. I know we paid because this happened to us once before so we are super cautious about being in the right lane to pay (don’t have an EZ Pass). | I am a lawyer, but because this “offense” is classified as “civil” and not criminal none of the ordinary due process rights apply. They flip flop the burden of proof to make you prove your innocence. Unless you have a receipt (and who wants to hold up half the State of New Jersey asking for a receipt) you cannot prove your innocence. Failure to pay can result in suspension of your New Jersey driving privileges – which sure seems like a criminal penalty to me. | After seeing all the reports on – several on this very toll booth – I think some enterprizing Jersey lawyer needs to file a class acxtion suit. This is exactly what class action suits are for – legal wrongs that are too exoensive for individual victims to fight.


  • Name: New Turnpike Authority
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alaska
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  • Phone: 1-888-288-6865
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