Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox church of Daytona beach Fl. | This is a rip off church that defrauded me of many thousands of dollars by sending a psychotic man named Theodore Stavru who posed as a Greek “Priest” and defrauded me of $5000 by telling me to go partners with many other Greek Americans as I am to open a Greek Orthodox church in Palm Coast. Fl. | During several visits to my home, Theodore Stavru had me confess to him and eventually started cursing me by saying: your grieving for your dead wife is crap (My Patricia had recently died from terminal cancer) and he continued by screaming that my grieving for my dead wife is crap 4 more times. I told Theodore Stavru to leave from my home immediately while still was able to walk and he ran out of my home. | I called the “priest” of Saint Demetrios church in Daytona Beach, Fl who sent Theodore Stavru to my home, The “priest” is not also corrupt but not not even Greek but a savage Syrian that portrays that he is an Athenian Greek and he cursed me as well before he told me all the details of my confession that I had entrusted Theodore Stavru with. | I contacted the Greek Archdiocese in Atlanta Georgia who supposedly monitors Greek Churches in Florida about this matter but they completely ignored me. My research on Theodore Stavru revealed that he is very corrupt and buys condemned properties which he claims are Russian and Greek Orthodox churches. He raises funds for his scams by defrauding the Greek & Russian people of Palm Coast FL. | In addition, I contacted a Greek priest whose name is Father George Ioannou of a St Augustine Greek church about Theodore Stavru and he did not help me at all. | When I told father George Ioannou that there is a Holy room in the St. Elisabeth Seton Catholic church of Palm Coast FL, that was built based on the Bible’s specifications and also has Greek letters that read “AGION TON AGION” next to the Hebrew and Latin letters on the Holy of Holies room’s entrance door. | Father George Ioanou replied that this was false and a gimmick of the Catholic church to fool their worshipers into giving high donations. I told him that even Mel Gibson portrayed this building in the movie called the Passion of Christ, and he showed the curtain of this building being ripped from the top down at the moment that our Lord died on the cross and as is stated in the Christian Bible and father George Ioanou said that it is not true and when I asked him what did he learn at the Greek ministry school, he apparently did not understand what I asked of him and he ceased to email me. | During my wife’s and my first visit to the Greek church in St Augustine we were approached by a Greek woman who claimed to have a cure for cancer and she ripped me off for $125 for a small bottle of Frankincense!! | Please heed this warning and stay away from the very corrupt Greek Orthodox churches of Florida and do not trust any Greek churches anywhere.


  • Name: New Way Church Palm Coast Florida
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Palm Coast
  • Address: 293 Old Moody Blvd
  • Phone: 386-437-9575
  • Website: