Complaint: New York Pizzeria will never, ever get any of my money ever again in life, nor any of my coworkers for that matter. I started a New Job back in July 2017 at a call center. The Binghamton Plaza area is desserted, as most major businesses have either packed up or closed down. Currently there are 6 functioning businesses in a plaza that can host 15-20 stores. There isn’t much in the way of Restaurants except McDonald’s, The Speedie pit and of course New York Pizzeria to choose from. So I immediately found my taste buds rejecting McDonald’s and I’m not much for Speedies, so New York Pizza became a spot I’d frequent. I’d go there on my lunch break (30 minutes), wait on line, order and wait another 10 or so minutes for my order, which was always chicken wings. Sometimes a half dozen, a dozen wings with the soup of the day and a soda. The price roughly came to $10 – $14 dollars. I liked the mural that they had on the wall in the dining area. And being a Native of Jamaica Queens, I was very familiar with Pizza spots. So one day I went to New York Pizzeria on my lunch break. I ordered a Dozen wings, Ranch dressing as a dipping sauce and a Root beer (my favorite soda). The line was typically long and the wait time was about the same which was 7-10 minutes after placing my order. When they called my number, the Cook in the back kinda tossed my food on the counter to the cashier. Being from NYC, I’m used to the hustle and bustle of NYC restaurants, so I wrote it off. But still thought that it would’ve been better to place it down, as opposed to throwing it on the counter. I grab my bag and pick up my pace heading back to the office, as I’d only have 15 minutes to scarf my food down, then clock back in. I sat down in the Break room, opened my dozen spicy wings (which was deep fried chicken wings, drenched in regular old hot sauce, no great shakes really) and began to eat. I noticed a Blue cheese dressing which I didn’t order. I’m easy and thought that I’m not gonna trip, it was a mistake. I’m chowwing down my lunch with mere minutes left to smoke a cigarette and clock back in. Down to my last wing and I noticed a mini drummy bone in my box underneath my last piece of chicken. The bone was dried and still had the gristle on it and didn’t have any Hot sauce either. I tilted my head to the side like a dog would and moved the other piece of chicken aside to get a better look. Still not tripping, I counted all of my bones, including the uneaten drummy that was on top of the bone in question. 13 bones. I only ordered 12 wings and got 13 bones to show for it ! I was pissed. How dare you disrespect my hard earned dollars with this b*******, by giving me an already eaten piece of chicken in my order. At that point I wanted to vomit. There is no telling what was done to my food before I ate it. And judging by the way the cook threw my food at the cashier, I was convinced that either he had a personal issue with my skin color, or he was just pissed off with working a dead end job and was now dead locked paying bills, or whatever. Messed up because I paid for my food. I had paid with my credit card at that, in full and would go there twice a week. Never again. I knew that 1 I couldn’t return back until my shift was over and 2, even though I knew what I found, those bums would say that I placed it inside of the box and laughed me out the restaurant in denial. So I had to hold that. Well, a few days later on my lunch break some of my Coworkers were talking about placing a group order at a restaurant around Binghamton, but NOT New York Pizzeria. 3 of my coworkers who are from various races all stated that NY Pizzeria had bungled their orders, gave them attitude and shody service. And one coworker even said that she found a bone inside of her slice of pizza. So we all exchanged our horror stories regarding New York Pizzeria & completely wrote them off forever. I really wanted to pull the race card, but once 2 of my white coworkers told their stories, rather than it being about race, it became apparent to me that New York Pizza is just s*****. Stay Away !

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 33 West State Street Binghamton, New York USA