Deciding on a specific set of speakers, New Audio Video had the best price around. Even better than amazon! Their website offers 30% off shipping when you call. So, I placed my order and called to get 30% off shipping. This is when the guy who sounds like he just woke up told me he couldn’t give me the 30% off because I paid with American Express. After he argued with me for a while, we struck a new agreement. I would pay with a Visa, and he would ship tomorrow. When tomorrow came, I ended up speaking to someone with a thick Eastern European accents, i would say Russian or Ukrainian. Claiming to be the order, he went into great detail explaining why he couldn’t honor the discount already promised. Then, he spent another 10 minutes telling me why he couldn’t ship as promised. After a while, he claimed his time was too important, and he couldn’t talk to me anymore. He cancelled the order, and hung up rudely. If you want to spend a lot of money, and get nothing but frustration, rude, and unprofessional behavior – this is the place!

3969 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, California United States


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