I have only been with new wave for a couple of months. Recently, due to a loss in the family, I have fallen behind in payments. Well, Friday the 21st of February, I called the office to make a payment agreement. They agreed not to disconnect my services as long as I made a payment by February 28th. So, today is February 25th and I woke up to them disconnecting my services. I tried to tell their service tech about the agreement and he said he had a work order for today. I call their office and they tell me that because I am 61 days late that they don’t have to honor any agreements. So it’s ok for them to re-neg on an agreement but yet Im still expected to be honest and make my payment or they are gonna send me to collections? Is that fair? I surely don’t think so. Especially considering the situation. So if I am sent to collections I will not be paying because they breached their agreement with me and pretty much told me that they are liars in their own words. .

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