Complaint: I was interested in finding an SEO company for my business. These guys had called me before so I figured I would give them a try. I gave them a payment of $1325.00. They told me they needed to make a new website with WordPress that my website was not made with WordPress this would help with SEO. Well come to find out my site was made with WordPress this was a big red flag for me. I let them know that I did not want to continue with the website and the SEO. I asked them to give me my money back they said they already had done some work. So I agreed to having them make a blog site for the $1325.00 and calling it even. Eight months later no blog site multiple emails and phone calls. I have all of my experience with them documented. Please do your self a favor and do not use this company. Unfortunatly this experience cost me $1325.00 but it could have been worse I could have cost me thousands in marketing.

Tags: Internet Marketing Companies

Address: T350 S. Madison Ave. Pasadena, California USA


Phone: (818) 217-1840