I’ve emailed the customer “care” team 11 times and still can’t get help. I’m a US soldier deployed at the moment and can’t utilize my NFL game pass account UNLESS I purchase not only a domestic account but also an international account. First off…..what a rip off. Secondly, I can’t afford that and wanted a refund. Prorated would be fine…..anything. I’m deployed until July. I told them my issue and I was denied a refund. I got nothing but grief from their customer service team too. They’re just terrible. I’d call if I could to yell (which I don’t do) but I’m stuck in a desert at the moment. They were so awful that I’m actually taking time out of my day to complain here. I dealt with a “Jonathan” there that must be a robot as he didn’t show any signs of being a human at all. The best part is he said ” I hope you can enjoy your subscription”…..dude, did you even read my emails to you?! I’m in a desert! All I wanted to do was watch my football on off days and I can’t. Ok….fine….but don’t keep my money. Long and short if these people have no heart at all. That and they aren’t capable of actually caring about anything. “Enjoy your subscription”……what a slap in the face. It’s Sunday today and I’ll tell you what’s not going to happen for me….I won’t be able to see my football game, I won’t be able to see my family, and I’ll be standing by while the NFL robs me. Jonathan, I really hope you enjoy your day. Enjoy watching the game. I’ll be over here in the Middle East picking sand out of my butt crack waiting patiently to see green grass in about 8 months…..I sure won’t be seeing it while watching the game.


  • Name: NFL Enterprises LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 345 Park Ave.
  • Phone: 1-877-635-7467
  • Website: www.nflshop.com/